The Best Souvenirs Are Handmade

When going on adventures and trips, souvenirs are always something most stay on the lookout for. Most of the time it is a funny T-shirt, refrigerator magnet, or a shot glass with something cheesy on it. Rather than buying a trinket, make something me…

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Welcoming The New Year In Minnesota

The new year is upon us, and many are deciding on their resolution. Many will be the same as years past, but this year, add "travel and experience more" to your list. A trip to Minnesota is the perfect way to start off with a snowy winter adventure t…

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Fall Into Campfire Bay Resort

The leaves are changing, the weather colder, and the warmth of a fire calls your name. This fall warm up at Campfire Bay Resort. Located on Fish Trap Lake, there is a ton to see and explore. Grab your sweater and family and experience all the fun adv…

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