Are You Ready To Craft?

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Whether you are coming to catch up on your unfinished projects or getting together with a group of people to complete a project, we have space for you at our Mn resort! At Campfire Bay we provide cabins and our lodge for you to spread out and start creating.

Get Crafting

We have plenty of cabins to hold all of your art supplies. Birch, Cedar, and Pine Beach can all hold six people comfortably, but Pine Beach uses its living room for the work area, so there is not an additional space to lounge. Birch and Cedar are a side by side duplex, so if you rent them together, you can open the double doors between the two workrooms to create a large work area capable of holding sixteen tables and twelve people comfortably. Willow, Tamarack, and White Oak can accommodate up to 5 crafters comfortably, while Poplar and Cabin 11 only four. However, if your group is over eight people, our lodge room can fit around 20 crafters. Make a short walk from your cabin to the lodge, and there you will have a kitchen and three bathrooms inside for you to use so you would only need to leave to sleep if you want to! All of these cabins can fit more crafters if you do not mind your workspace being shared and a little tight.

We have a limited but growing scrapbooking section. You can use anything we have on hand such as adhesive, Coffee_Cup_Hanger_1.jpgCricut mats, cutter blades, embellishments and stickers, album kits, and patterned paper and cardstock for purchase in the lodge. There are circuits and Cricut cartridges available in the Lodge to be signed out free of charge on a first-come, first serve basis. We also have lots of outlets, an extra sewing machine, irons, and ironing boards. To help you complete your projects we have fantastic coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and more!


If you are wanting to craft but necessarily do not want to plan the craft, Stumbo's Marketplace offers fun and creative workshops at Campfire Bay Resort!  A minimum of three people is required to host the workshop. Have a good time for a couple of hours creating and making your own fun and unique piece. A step by step process will be given, so everyone can create a masterpiece even if you are not crafty!

Because we are a year-round Mn resort, we are always available to help and serve you if something is needed or just to deliver a delicious latte. Relax and create for a weekend we got all the amenities you need under one roof!

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