Ready, Set, Scrapbook!

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shutterstock_738384028.jpgCrafting is becoming more and more popular as things like Pinterest and various other DIY sites pop up. If you or a group of friends have a love for crafting and have discovered your niche is for scrapbooking, Campfire Bay Resort is where you need to be. With large crafting areas, supplies, and cozy accommodations, you and your group will have a blast at one of these scrapbook retreats.

Not Your Typical Getaway

Most resort outings end up in loud, crowded pool areas, but if you are the person daydreaming about your crafts, this is your getaway. Campfire Bay Resort has a knack for crafty things and is ready for you to come and experience it. This is the kind of getaway that you and your friends can bring along or snap photos on the trip to make into something memorable right away. Instead of just making memories, you can save and preserve them in your scrapbooks to keep forever.

Odds And Ends

Many scrapbookers have their own supplies, but nobody wants to haul them with on a trip. Campfire Bay has you covered. With 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper, cricuts, printers, stamps, and more available, you should only need to bring one or two things that you prefer from home. Each cabin can accommodate six to eight people comfortably and allow enough space for each to have elbow room for their projects. Not every cabin has supplies, so check the website to make sure you get exactly what you need.

A Fun Crafty Experience

If you are ready to create some memories with your friends, pack a bag and head to Campfire Bay Resort. They are known for unbeatable scrapbooking retreats and fun getaways to Cushing, Minnesota. Give Campfire Bay Resort a call at 218-575-2432 or visit their website to find that perfect crafting cabin and plan your incredible crafty getaway!

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