The Best Souvenirs Are Handmade

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When going on adventures and trips, souvenirs are always something most stay on the lookout for. Most of the time it is a funny T-shirt, refrigerator magnet, or a shot glass with something cheesy on it. Rather than buying a trinket, make something meaningful on your trip! At Campfire Bay Resort, you will find one of the only lake resorts in Minnesota with multiple crafting workshops offered to guests and non-guests.

Come For The Lake, Stay For The Crafts

Though Campfire Bay Resort has the lake and many other activities for the summer, you will never run out of things to do. Rain or shine, you will undoubtedly be able to stay entertained. There are workshops available if there are 3 or more guests interested in making custom home signs, mug shelves, country trays, and more. This resort is one that loves to get hands-on and make memories you can take home with you.


Aside from the workshops, there are various other projects available to guests. Every week throughout the summer months, you can find an array of activities. Tie-dye some shirts or beautiful jewelry for souvenirs you can wear. Practice your fine arts skills with some painting. There is even some woodworking so that you can make birdhouses, shelves, and more and then paint them later. Find unlimited fun and activities at Campfire Bay Resort. Have fun in the sun by the lake and create souvenirs you can not find in any store.

Get Crafty At Campfire Bay

If you are ready for some lakeside fun and fantastic crafting, take a trip to Campfire Bay Resort in Cushing, MN. This is one of the only lake resorts in Minnesota that has a little bit of everything to keep everyone entertained and bring people together. Get crafty and contact Campfire Bay Resort to start planning your unforgettable Minnesota adventure.

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