About Us

Originally built as C.J. Johnson’s Resort in 1947, Campfire Bay Resort has been a resort destination for generations of families. Fish Trap Lake has been known for hundreds of years as a great fishing lake, with an incredible amount of structure and enough open space for recreational boating as well. While Clarence and Pearl Johnson owned and operated the resort for many years, it changed hands a few times in the 70’s and 80’s.

When we bought the resort in 2002, it was named Country View Resort, and we kept that name for a few years. During our first year of ownership we decided to make some changes

to the resort, mainly by making it more family oriented, with activities, free water toys, and with an emphasis on getting to know our guests personally. Eventually we decided to change the name to Campfire Bay Resort, because we felt that a campfire was a place for friends and family to sit and enjoy each other’s company, to tell a joke, a story, or relive the day’s events.

Since we’ve owned the resort, we have made several physical changes to property as well, more than doubling the shoreline, constructing new cabins and removing trailers and storage buildings from the main resort property. We also added a lodge building where we have a store, coffee and ice cream shop, game room, laundry and our gathering room, where we do most of our indoor activities.

31504 Azure Rd, Cushing, MN 56443


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