Homeschooling Retreats

edu(va)cation – noun

ed-u-va-cation | e-je-vā-kāSHen

Definition: an extended time away from normal life in a relaxing setting while also learning new things

Looking for an educational vacation experience in the heart of lake country?
Look no further than Campfire Bay Resort! We now offer a unique retreat package exclusive to homeschooling
families to come and relax in our lakeside cabins, socialize and learn with other families, all while filling up your child’s state-required school hours. The best part is, you’ll stay with us during our least busy time of the year, which means you get the lowest possible rates!

How Does It Work?

First, take a look at our options. You can choose between a 3- night, 4-night, and 5-night stay. These all occur during the middle of the week, ensuring that you get the best choice of cabins. Homeschooling families receive a 5% discount on lodging any time of the year except for peak season, and mid-week rates September to mid-May are 25% lower than normal rates equaling a 30% discount! If you want to book an “edu(va)cation” with us, give us a call to see when our next organized session is. We’ll discuss cost and availability, then put you down for your ideal cabin and time frame.  Want to book a private retreat for your co-op or group?  We can arrange that as well!


No one said education can’t be entertaining too! After all, this is a vacation! Learn about physics with your kids during the competitive Bottle Rocket tournament (Don’t worry– they’re literally rockets made from bottles and high pressure water. Perfectly safe!). Take an art lesson during a scheduled painting or tie-dye class, and learn about nature during our scavenger hunt and fishing activities! All activities are included with your stay– except for a few that you might need to pay for some materials. Not up for organized activities? No problem! Take advantage of the last few weeks of warmth and go for a swim, kayak or canoe, or spend some quiet family time fishing out on the lake!

Cabin Info

All of our winterized cabins have the complete amenities of a modern home. Your cabin will have all the dishes you need and a dishwasher to clean them when you’re done!

All available cabins have full heating, wireless internet, satellite televisions, kitchens, and yes, fully equipped bathrooms. Most have fireplaces and some have whirlpool tubs. You can learn more about our cabins on our accommodations page.

About Us

Campfire Bay is the current name of a resort that has been in business for more than 75 years. The current owners, Heather and Brian Sams, homeschooled all three of their boys, Elijah, Cael, and Iain, most of their upbringing.  They know firsthand the joys and trials of teaching their children while also running a business.  In addition, before buying the resort, Brian was an English teacher and Heather a Spanish and French teacher.  They still enjoy teaching while doing activities with the guests at the resort.

Contact Us

Questions? We’d love to answer them! You can reach our office staff any time from 8am-8pm weekdays at: 218-575-2432
Or shoot us an email, and we’ll send you all the extra info you need:
[email protected]

31504 Azure Rd, Cushing, MN 56443


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