Facility Rental 

Want the whole place to yourself and your group? The CBR REC provides a great meeting place! The gym floor dimensions are 48x75ft . Thus, you can use it to host a graduation party, school activity, fundraising banquet, and more!

Rental Rates

The entire CBR REC facility can be rented out privately at the following rates:

 Up to 2 hrs.  $150
 2-4 hrs.  $300
 Each add’l hr after 4 hrs.  $100/hr
 Max. hours allowed  see below

Rental reservation lengths are in 1 hour increments and rounded up to the nearest hour.

Rental rates include the use of the tables and chairs provided by Campfire Bay Resort. Renters are responsible for informing the resort of the number of tables and chairs needed. If the number is more than Campfire Bay Resort can provide, then the renter is responsible for renting additional chairs and tables from an outside vendor, such as Party World in Brainerd.

Note: Max number of capacity for the Rec Center is 199 people.

Rental rates include the cost of normal clean up done by Campfire Bay Resort. If after your rental, excessive cleaning is required, an extra cleaning fee will be charged. Charges for extra cleaning are $30/hr per worker, for an average of 8 total work hours.

Set-Up and Take-Down Fees

Campfire Bay Resort will both set up and take down tables and chairs for the following fees:

Partial Set-Up 

Includes setting up chairs only


Full Set-Up

Includes setting up both chairs and tables in an arrangement determined by the resort


Full Banquet Set-Up                              

Includes setting up both chairs and tables in an arrangement determined by the renter


* Facility rental rates and fees stated above do not include tax. Tax does apply.

Maximum Hours for Rental

Any day between Memorial Weekend and Labor Day Weekend: 4 hrs

Saturday anytime of year: 6 hrs, unless entire resort rented as well

Sunday or Weekday between Labor Day and Memorial Weekend (off season): 8 hrs, unless entire resort rented as well

Dates Available: Any day except over Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, and already reserved dates


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